22 August 2016

Rachel's First Day - Thirteenth Grade

Rachel is a freshman, again.  She's attending Arkansas State University - Beebe.  ASU, as it's called, is a pretty big university with four campuses; Beebe is the closest and the smallest.  Her apartment is about ten minutes from school and Tasty Freeze is working around her schedule - class every morning until about noon, then she works every afternoon/evening and doubles on Saturday - 'cause she's doing this all on her own.  You know you raise your kids to be individuals, problem solvers and independent.  Then, they actually do it.  I filled out the parent portion of the financial aid applications, but, she did all the leg work, supplied her transcript and shot records and tax forms, registered, applied for grants and loans, and set her own schedule. 
Her plan is to finish her core classes here locally and then transfer to get her degree in American Sign Language.  There are two universities in state that offer her program - one about forty-five minutes south - in Little Rock at the University of Arkansas - and one about two hours north - in Jonesboro at ASU Jonesboro.  She says Jonesboro is too far from home/work/friends and her boyfriend.  But, two years is still two years away.  For now, she's staying local and making ends meet - with the occasional grocery trip and tank of gas from good ole' Mom and Dad.  Go get 'em, Rae.

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