19 August 2016

First Paycheck

Samantha has always been bold.  She speaks her mind; she has opinions; she knows her mind.  Every time I go to the store she gives me a list.  Every.  Time.  She needs mascara, makeup remover wipes, contact solution, a watermelon, gatorades, gum for school, another mascara, hair straightening spray stuff, starburst, deodorant, a certain shampoo, another mascara....you get the idea.  The others just tell me what they want for suppers next week, or maybe ask for a certain school snack to take to class, but, Samantha's list is always very specific and involved.  She usually gets it, too.  She keeps her room decently clean, she's good about chores and she's otherwise busy with school, homework, dance, and now we can add work to her list.

But no more - or at least not as much - she's discovered the big upside of having a job - she gets a paycheck!  Now let's see how quickly she goes through those makeup remover wipes!

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