30 August 2016

Soccer Season - Fall 2016

Every sport that JMichael saw on the Olympics this summer was his new favorite.  He wants to play volleyball on the beach, jump over fences with a horse, sprint with Usain Bolt (he followed Usain with superfan admiration) and swim relays with Michael Phelps.  This boy is truly all about sports.  Lucky for us, his favorite coach is moving up through the levels of soccer with him, and the season has begun.  He will play on a bigger field this year - 7 on 7, with a keeper.  He's crazy excited.  Everyday when he gets dressed for school he says, do I go to practice today?  He is making new friends on his bigger team and his coach noticed that he had improved in the off season - he said, Coach Michael - look what I can do!  Then JMichael proceeded to do his rainbow (which I don't have a clip of him doing, but, click here to see what it is) and Coach Michael was impressed.  He said, Wow, JMichael.  You've been working!  And he has.  Almost daily.  From inside the house you can hear the ball hitting the garage outside because JMichael is out there shooting and dribbling.  He loves it, and his work is paying off.

Coach Michael James is the barefooted big kid pictured toward the right in the picture above - in the grey shirt up on one knee.  JMichael is to the left side of the photo - directly in front of his coach and wearing a white shirt.

Every kids needs a sport, a hobby, a thing.  It gives that kid a place to shine and build confidence and skills.  Sports are good for JMichael and James and I love to watch him slay it.

Look at that face - new soccer seasons and new jerseys.  That makes JMichael one super happy little left footer!

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