07 June 2010

The Old Mill

Warning: Lots of {great} pictures.
If I do say so myself....

Over Memorial Day we had no big plans. We headed to the Old Mill, a park about forty minutes away. It's part historical marker, part playground, part botanical garden. Professional photographers use the lovely backdrops for their clients. The whole structure is a life size replica of a working mill, but, it's made entirely of stone. The mill itself, the bridges, the walks and even a few trees, stumps and branches are all made of stone. All of the stone is carved and shaped to appear like wood. The day we visited we saw a beautiful bride posing for her portraits and a party of about twelve all dressed alike, celebrating a quincenero. So, I had to take some pictures of my beauties, too:

2 screams from the fans...:

Emilee said...

Great shots! I can't believe how big everyone is getting!

Katie said...

I love your new blog layout. I love that blue! And especially the header pic. So sweet. However, I think my favorite is the bottom of this post, with Jay escaping:) Perfect. And so typical, no?

Oh, and don't you let your kids drink coffee???

BTW, I had a lot of fun with out last night:) You're great company.