20 June 2010

Cub Scout Day Camp

As part of my calling at church, I attended Cub Scout Day Camp. For four LONG, HOT days, I followed around my den of seven boys, all Wolves (which in Cub Scouts means that they are about seven years old, second or third grade). We had six stations everyday, each lasting an hour, plus time for lunch and flag ceremonies. I was unsure of what to expect, since I have never been involved in scouting before. I have to admit it was partly fun. Mainly hot and exhausting, but fun. The boys were able to learn archery, shoot BB guns, make birdhouses and kites and play games in an obstacle course. Even with highs in the mid nineties and heavy humidity, the boys thought it was all great fun. They ran everywhere. They played kickball, volleyball, ran relays, learned about tools, looked through three different telescopes, and studied color. It was a jam packed four days. We even had the local fire department out one day to mercifully spray the boys down with the fire hose!Note: the picture above is of the scouts from our ward who attended Cub Scout Day Camp. The picture below is of my den - with our Den Yell - We're In Heaven.
Wilson, Landan, Izac, Andrew, Kyle, Carson and Garrett

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