05 June 2010


I have been away from the blog for a while, and ironically, that means plenty is going on to include here. James had surgery last month for his back injury. He has been hurting for quite some time, and this surgery is a result of three different doctors trying all their means to help him. After months of physical therapy, injections and nursing it, surgery was his last resort. We are all happy to report that his pains are much improved. He will NOT be on the basketball court again, but, he will be back to his "normal" life soon. James would not let me post pictures of him in the hospital or physical therapy; I only get the "before" shot of the day of surgery (after his "anxious meds" had started flowing...):His vertebrae (three of them) are now fused and he has pins and rods in his spine. He is walking every day, getting stronger and stronger. His hips are still hurting, and he will not be giving any more piggy back rides, but, James is healing.

The kids have learned to be more gentle around their once rough housing Dad, and Charlotte (first grade) wrote this sweet note as a journal entry in school:It reads: To Daddy From Charlotte I'm so sorry that your back is hurt and I'm trying to be careful. Love, Charlotte. (I corrected her spelling, but, dang hers is so cute!) Charlotte explained her picture to me: James on our red couch, with his black stool and a red glass with ice. The flower looking shape is our ceiling fan and the girl with the curls and purple shirt with a heart is Charlotte dancing for Dad. I just love the way she spelled careful.

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Chelsie said...

I'm so glad he is feeling better! What a relief!