06 June 2010

Josephine Ball Skills

Josephine ended her first ever soccer season with a party and a trophy. The trophy is the important word in that sentence. She was ecstatic. Over-the-moon excited to get a trophy. Giddy, even. The coach was sweet about the whole event and gave each soccer star his/her own certificate, too. Josephine was Ball Skills. Cute, huh? I asked Josephine if you wanted to play again in the fall, and she replied, No, Mom. I already have a trophy.

Josephine the Star, June 2010, five years old

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Sonia Cummings said...

I finally got caught up with what your family has been up to- a lot of course. Love the pic of course of all them, so cute! I'm glad James is healing and hopefully his back won't hurt as much. So your kids go to school all year around? Do you like that? The kids are getting so big. I also liked Rachel in her poodle skirt- did you make that? Really cute!