09 June 2010


The other day a friend was over playing with the little ladies. We will call her Grace. She is a friend from school, who lives down the street with her parents. Even though she is used to her quiet life with no siblings, she blends well at our chaotic, often loud, house. This particular night, she was staying for supper. We all helped get supper on the table, we all sat down, we all waited and looked at James. All of us except Grace. Instead, Grace started eating. We corrected her, saying, wait, we have to say a prayer before we eat. She replied, "What's a prayer?"

I was taken aback. What an opportunity to teach. What an opportunity to learn. What an opportunity to grow.

James spoke first; "Prayer is our way of speaking to our Heavenly Father. We thank Him for our supper, our blessings, and our health. We ask Him to continue to bless us." Rachel added, "At the end you say Amen. That means you agree with what was said." Charlotte said, "You don't have to say anything during the prayer. Dad will pick one of us to say it."

And so he did. He picked me. As I said grace that night over supper, I spoke the words over our meal, but that night more than others in days past, I added requests for Grace, her family, her understanding, and her heart. I added gratitude for teaching moments, testimonies and family bonds.

I cannot imagine eating a meal without first saying thank you. My parents taught me that fundamental value. I teach my children. I am grateful for the opportunity to teach their friends as well.

2 screams from the fans...:

Amy Anson said...

wow. Brought me to tears. What an incredible experience!

angelalois said...

such a sweet story and post. thank you for sharing!!!