18 June 2010

Josephine Swims

Josephine had a great summer kick off: swimming lessons. For two weeks, three days a week, for an hour at a time, she shared a pool with five other kiddos and learned swimming skills. A sister in our ward, certified and trained to teach swimming to kids, gave her time and talents so our kids could gain skills, confidence and a love of the water. Thank you Dawn, for sharing. Josephine loved it.

Her major milestone by the end of the lessons: jumping from the diving board and swimming to the ladder! Fantastic, Joey! She can also now sit on the bottom of the pool (in about three feet of water), retrieve dive sticks and swim underwater. We will be at the pool as much as we can this summer, letting her perfect her latest skills!

I had to include the following picture. The little boy in this picture is NOT our daughter, Josephine, BUT, I include this photo of "J" because Josephine did jump from the diving board to Dawn and swim to the side, I just didn't get the picture. So, imagine a cute five year old in pigtails and a pink suit where you see a sweet blonde boy in his trunks!
As a side note in all of this is that another sister in our ward provided the pool for the lessons. PLUS: Her family has generously posted pool hours, so that we can come over during those hours and swim. No need to call, no need to ask. Just use the pool and enjoy. And did I mention she lives down the street from us? Yeah. We will be at the pool this summer. Wow!

2 screams from the fans...:

Malisa said...

Lol! Hmmm....Not sure I can or want to picture my son in pigtails, so lucky for me I saw Josephine jump so I don't really have to ;) Swim lessons were awesome and I am so excited for pool days this summer!

Becca & Joel said...

F-U-N! I'm racking my brain to try and figure out who lives down the street from you with a pool?!?!?!