28 April 2014

Hot Springs Impromptu Shoot

There's this little theme park in Hot Springs, AR called Magic Springs.  Two forces combined this weekend to get our family to Magic Springs - one, the normal admission price of $51.99 is discounted for a few weeks to a more attractive rate of $15.00 per person.  Wow.  Two, our kids have never ridden roller coasters.  We HAVE to fix this.  So, we mustered up $105.00 and headed to Hot Springs.

Mother Nature was against us.  We were stopped at the gate and told the park was closing due to impending storms.  This turned out to be a series of tornadoes which killed 16 people in a town just to the west of our town, so they were surely right.

But, while we were in town, we looked around.  We roamed through downtown streets and had lunch at a local pizza place.  We relaxed and hung out and we took pictures.

This is the wall of a pottery factory.  The colors were beautiful, especially considering it's abandoned and the other walls look more like the urban decay that it really is.

But it makes a cool background and we took some pictures.

This one looks like an album cover to me.

This is a close up of the wall.

And we named this fella Butterscotch.  He was a sweet pup who wandered into our pictures.

All this stuff was out on their docks.  I love the colors they captured in this one.

Rachel with Lady Liberty at the pizza place.

And a great photo.  I wish they always got along this well....  Rachel and Samantha, with Charlotte behind the camera.
Classic Samantha Marie swag.

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Unknown said...

Ha ha i totally thought that was your dog! How funny. I thought of you guys when the storms hit. So glad you are all safe. Love, love, love the photo shoot. Those walls are fantastic and your kids are so fun!