01 May 2014

The Floor Broke My Fall....

Josephine is a sleep walker.  In the mornings, you are as likely to find her asleep in the bathtub as in her own bed.  We have heard her trying to open the front door in the middle of the night, asleep.  We have heard her having full on conversations, asleep.  She walks around the rooms of our house, looking like she is wide awake, but, she is sleeping through it all.  The family rule, per her pediatrician, is, don't wake her up.  We just guide her back to her room and lie her down.  Josephine has a sleepwalking episode probably five nights out of every seven, and I have to be sure to warn her friends' parents if Josephine is sleeping at a friend's house.

We have a small house with seven people.  The little ladies share a room with their little brother, and this calls for bunk beds.  Josephine decided that she wanted the top, and I thought, ok, this will cure the sleepwalking, because surely she cannot climb down asleep.  It didn't quite work out that way - her first night on the top bunk and BAM - at about two in the morning, she fell and fractured her radius.  Her first "broken" bone.

A few days later, at Children's hospital, Josephine chose bright pink for her cast.  She will wear it for two weeks.  She was so excited to get signatures.  Everyone in our family signed it and in school the next day she let her classmates sign and draw on it.  She says she was quite the celebrity.  No one else in her third grade class had a cast all year.

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