14 April 2014

Soccer Season, BallTeam Style

Soccer season 2014 has begun and for life in the BallTeam that is a family affair.  JMichael is the only player this year, and James is helping to coach his team, since our sweet coach has never done this before.  So, cane in hand, James is doing his best to help out, though it's mainly direction from the bench.  Rachel and Samantha are refs again this year - earning some spending money that teenagers never have enough of.  I am still serving on the soccer board, so I walk around on Saturdays and answer questions, talk to parents, that kind of thing.  New this year is Charlotte and Josephine's job - timekeeper.  They get $5 per game to keep time for the under 8 teams.  This past weekend Charlotte had one game of 4 year olds and Josephine had a game of 3 year olds and then a game of 5 year olds.  They will be taking us all out for Frostys in no time.

And, the obligatory photo of each BallTeam member in action:

Josephine in blue and Charlotte in pink.

Samantha, aka One Sock, and Rachel.

and JMichael - right after he scored a goal.  This kid can be a showboat!

So, if you need any of us for the next two months on a Saturday, we will be at the soccer fields.  See you there!

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