03 April 2014

Little Prince

JMichael is the only son we have.  He is our youngest, too, so he has the pleasure or the curse of having four older sisters.  Do not, for any moment, think that this is a hindrance.  First, JMichael has only ever known life with sisters.  So, he's a pro.  Second, this boy can work the women in his life like the large toys they are to him.  He knows just which sister will get him some water or find his lost shoe.  He knows just which sister is the best on the xbox game he wants to play.  He knows just which sister to ask if he wants a book read to him or which sister will kick the ball around with him.  JMichael has the good life.  I hope his future wife appreciates all the lessons he's learning from, and the ones hes teaching to, his family.

JMichael (6) and Samantha (14)

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