24 April 2014

James, the tough guy

James has had a moustache or a beard or both since we met.  I think this goatee look he is sporting in the photo is very flattering.  He shaves it all off every now and again, just to shake things up and he will tell you that he can control the weather with his beard.  At spring break, he'll shave it clean.  The weather warms up.  Around thanksgiving, he is fully bearded and he will stay that way all winter.  All this facial hair has obscured the mark he's had on his face for the last three or four years.  He saw a dermatologist about it this week and he found out it's a basal carcinoma.  He will have surgery to get it removed in May.  Since it's on his pretty face, he will also get a visit from the plastic surgeon.  James has taken this obstacle in stride.  When you are in constant pain, I suppose a skin cancer is not too frightening.  I don't like it at all.  The doctor gave James a once over to make sure this is his only one and he seems quite confident that James will not have any lasting effects.  One more hurdle; one more hurdle.  Updates to follow!

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Unknown said...

So glad he caught it in time. My dermatologist and i are tight. Gotta be if you are a fair skinned redhead i guess!