12 December 2013

Pre-lit rocks!

We finally put up our tree.  Each year I wait until after James' birthday (December 5), but, the truth of the matter is that this year we didn't have a tree.  We had been given a white tree after the hurricane (now 8 years ago) and it was used when it came to us.  Last year was its last.  This year we have a new tree - 6 feet, prelit, and snaps together.  Easy to assemble.  The ladies and JMichael decorated it in no time and we now love to play a new game - we call it "speak for the ornament."  At night we get in jammers, brush teeth, put homework away, pick out clothes for tomorrow and assemble by the tree.  We read a Christmas story - not pictured, but all our Christmas books are in a "sleigh" under the tree - and then we take turns picking an ornament.  Each ornament has a story - where did it come from?  who does it represent?  who is that cute baby?  who made this ornament?  We talk about the ornament and then it's time for prayers and bed.  We are learning a lot, remembering a lot and enjoying our Christmas holiday.  We hope you are too.

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Marc and Liz Anson said...

Such a fun idea about the ornament. I think we will be adopting that tradition :)