27 December 2013

Happy Birthday, Charlotte

 Wow.  Times really does fly.  This curly headed tot in North Carolina is now ELEVEN.  Charlotte is in the fifth grade; she is the tallest of her sisters (who are currently in the 10th and 9th grades...).  Charlotte loves to sing and swim.  She is full of ideas, full of life and never shy.  Charlotte has recently discovered the stage, and I think this will stick.  She's not afraid of anything.
While the kids are out on break from school, the school still serves lunch - through donations from local businesses.  We go down there and eat, cause it's fun, it's free and we live only a block away....  Yesterday, we mentioned that Charlotte was having a birthday, and today, when we arrived, the ladies sang to her and presented her with cupcakes.  I love living in a small town.  So Charlotte had Chipotle and cupcakes for her birthday. Happy Birthday, Charlie.  We love you.

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