30 December 2013

Photo Shoots

Maybe I'm a weird Mom, but every now and then I believe I'm doing something right.  Yesterday we went out for our monthly photo shoot (by the by, if you are new here, I change the splash photo of this blog every month and I keep the pictures as a journal of the growth of these precious people I am happy to call my children).  I used one, but, I just wanted to share how much fun these times are.  Rachel even said to me (and this really threw me) Mom, when I get married will my husband be in the splash pictures?  Whoa.  First, who is getting married?  And second, Awwww, you think this is a continually good idea and want it to include your future family.  Wow.
 Duck faces, even though all the smart ducks flew south months ago.
Presenting...who knows?  Doesn't JMichael look cute?  He's surrounded by girls.
Josephine's rockin' air guitar moves on the dock.
You choose the pose.  What a gang of personalities. 
Sweet grafitti on the dock.  Anyone know what 9:13 is?

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Erik Neville said...

This was one of my make out spots in college. Too funny.