10 December 2013

Ice=no school/bread

This is what the bread section of Kroger looks like the night before Arkansas is supposed to get an ice storm.  That one piece of stale, forgotten bread is all that remained.  Wow.  School was cancelled for two days - Friday and Monday.  We had a full weekend planned with a state championship football game, the opening of A Christmas Carol and it was all put on hold for ice.  Instead we enjoyed putting up our tree, sleeping late and playing with friends.  No sandwiches, but plenty of down time.

1 screams from the fans...:

Amy Anson said...

Bwa ha ha ha! That is hilarious! St. Louis cancels school over a quarter inch of snow. Keep in mind the roads are clear and the snow is only on the grass. Glad to hear you weathered the storm and lived to tell the tale!