27 December 2013

Christmas 2013

One of the kids' favorite Christmas traditions is Japanese food with James' Dad and Jean.  We do this every year and it's so much fun to have them cook right in front of you.  This year we snapped this picture of our whole group - plus the friendly waiter, to James' right.

The little two celebrated Christmas at school with a school wide sing-along.  That picture is the student body of their elementary school.  They sang and the teacher did reindeer games and it was sweet and fun.  J. Michael was in his jammers, because his class was riding on the Polar Express that afternoon.  Josephine's class made a present for their parents and decorated "gingerbread" houses.  Christmas at school is fun.
Back at home, we were ready for the holiday.  Why didn't I turn on the Christmas lights before I took this picture?  Ugh.  You can see our sleigh of Christmas books in the front and cookies and a letter to Kris Kringle.  No carrots this year, sorry reindeer.
We had a great Christmas.  Everyone enjoyed their surprises - I took no pictures.  I did get a picture of my annual gift - Chinese food for dinner.  We had goodies delivered from friends, carolers stopping by to sing and lots of time to hang out together and relax.  Merry Christmas everyone.
And Rachel.  She had an ugly Christmas sweater party for her forensics class.  But did she wear this sweater and matching headpiece just for fifth period?  No.  What fun is that?  She wore this jingle bell sweater all day.  All day.  I took this picture as she got in the car after early morning seminary.  But never fear - she won the contest.  She was also the only one to wear an ugly Christmas sweater.  Way to go, Rae.  Jingle all the way....

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