22 September 2012


September 2012
Samantha, 13 and Rachel, 14
Rachel loves a goofy pose in a picture.  Samantha doesn't leave the house without making sure her hair is perfection.  Rachel wears John Lennon t-shirts and Samantha is on the school dance team.  Rachel loves English and history.  Samantha loves math and science.  Rachel smolders and pouts.  Samantha explodes and recovers.  Rachel loves to bake and cook.  Samantha would eat nothing but fruit if we let her.  Rachel is usually up the first time I wake her.  Samantha needs multiple rousings and a heavy lead time.  If they didn't live in the same house they might never have met.  Two sisters, diametric opposites.  Don't come between them.  They are there for each other.  Bonded for the eternities.  We love them both.

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