23 September 2012

Cute Kid Quote

Josephine (7) was wearing a "pretty" around her wrist.  A "pretty" is an elastic hair thing, like you use for a ponytail.  We call them pretties.  So, Josephine was wearing a pretty on her wrist and she was talking with Charlotte (9):

J:  Look, Charlotte, my pretty left a ring on my arm.  It was a little tight.
C:  Don't wear it if it's too tight.  It's not good for you.  You won't get any blood to your hand.
J:  Right, I'll cut off my solar system.

Cute kids....

1 screams from the fans...:

S.Oliphant said...

Miss your fam. Hope all is well. Sounds like the kids are as fun as ever. If you run across the pics we all took together id love to see them.
- used-to-be elder (now spencer) oliphant