20 September 2012

Cute Kid Quote

I haven't done a cute kid quote in a while.  I wish I were better at recording all their cute sayings.  I'm sure it will be manna to my tired soul in my twilight years....

So, we were at the pool.  (We have a membership to our local RecCenter, and we love to go swimming.  It's great exercise for James and the kids love the water.  Me?  I love that James is getting out of the house and I love that the kids love the water.  But, I don't like the water.)

Sorry.  I rambled.  Parenthetically.

So, we were at the pool.  Jay Michael was watching the life guard.  He wasn't watching her because she's a cute 17 year old girl, he was watching her because he likes to roll over the ropes that designate the swimming lanes, and she has gotten on to him before, telling him to swim under the rope, don't roll over the rope.

Jay Michael watched as Josephine rolled over a rope.  That's a no-no.  Jay Michael said to me, Momma, Josephine is in trouble.  The referee is going to talk to her.

I was lost.  What referee?  Jay Michael said, Her, Momma.  The girl in the tall chair.  She's the referee.  Cute.  Cute kid.

Charlotte (9) holding Josephine (7) and Jay Michael (4).
September 2012

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