08 September 2012

All tongues hangin' out

Do ya'll take pictures of your pets?  I don't usually.  Now I know why - it's hard!  Our dogs are not well trained.  They don't take direction well.  These are the best shots from my attempts.
This first picture is Samantha (she and James love the dogs the most in our family.  I am at the bottom of that list....) and our Catahoula, Sheila.  Her eyes are pretty cool and she leaps through the backyard like a deer.  So pretty.  The second picture is of our Cockapoo, Luna.  She was Samantha's birthday gift two years ago and is our only inside dog.  The big guy is our Great Pyrenes, Cody.  He was our first dog, and as a pup he would "mouth" the kids.  It didn't hurt, but, it bothered the kids because they were always worried about being bitten.  James' suggestion at the time was to get another dog.  I though that was crazy, because if the first one was not behaving, why would we get another?  But, as it turns out usually, James was right.  We got Sheila and Cody used her as a chew toy instead of the kids.  Brilliant.
All three dogs came from homes that needed to get rid of them.  They were all free and I hope we have given them a good home.  They are great backyard toys and I know from their dispositions that they love our kiddos - especially Samantha and Charlotte.

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