29 January 2011

Cute Kid Quotes

Jay Michael gets his first entry in the Cute Kid Quote category! He will be three next month and he is really starting to chatter! They do grow up so fast...

So for Christmas Jay got a train engine. It has lights and sounds and the wheels turn. It takes six size D batteries and Jay has loved it so well that the batteries are dead. He still plays with it, pushing it around and making the sounds himself.

One day last week he took it to James and this is the conversation I overheard:

Jay - Tain na wuking, Daddy.
James - No, Jay, the batteries are dead.
Jay - Baddries are dead?
James -Yes, we need to get more batteries.
Jay leaves, and a few minutes later, Jay returns.
Jay - Look Daddy, scooter baddreis na dead!

26 January 2011

Charlotte's Baptism

Our family belongs to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints - also known as the Mormons. For an introduction to basic beliefs, you can click on the colored words. I wanted to share the links for non-members out there who are reading.
Turning eight has the significance of responsibility. Charlotte is now old enough to decide if she wants to become a member of the Church and be baptized. As a member, she becomes responsible for her actions. At eight, she is old enough to know right from wrong and make her own choices.
Charlotte chose to be baptized. Charlotte's friend, Atira, also turned eight a few weeks after Charlotte, and we held their baptisms together. There must have been twenty families there, even the Stake President came, all there to support these young ladies on their path back to their Father in Heaven. Family that couldn't attend called and wished Charlotte congratulations on her decision. It was a great day.

The Ball Team -January 2011 - Samantha, Tina, Jay (on lap), James, Josephine (on lap), Charlotte and Rachel on the floor.

Charlotte is wearing the baptism dress that my Mom (Juanita Brumbley) made for Rachel on her baptism day. Samantha wore the dress when she was baptised and Josephine is already looking forward to wearing it, too. I hope all our grandaughters will wear this dress, maybe it will even last to great-granddaughters?white

The Primary Presidency in our Ward has a sweet gift for the eight year olds that they receive when they have their baptism interviews - this towel. It's soft and white, clean and pure, and embroidered with the CTR logo. It's a great remembrance of the day!

22 January 2011

Fishing Trip - June 2004

In an attempt to make this blog a true Ball Family History, I have decided to start adding stories of our past to go along with our daily happenings. I just discovered these pictures (so sorry that the images aren't as clear as the originals) from June 11, 2004. Rachel was six, Samantha was almost five and Charlotte was two and a half. I was pregnant with Josephine. We were living in Reidsville, North Carolina and we had some friends with about twenty acres of land. Back in the woods, not too far off, was the cow pond and it was stocked. James decided the ladies needed to go fishing.

So we trekked back into the woods, and under the shade of the trees, the big ladies caught their first fishes, using cane poles. The ladies had various opinions of fishing. Rachel was happy with the process. She would hold the pole, string the line and was very interested in all the surroundings. Samantha, meanwhile, was not inclined to just sit and hold a pole over water. She was throwing rocks, climbiing trees and chasing the cows. But when her more patient sister caught the fish, but, didn't want to touch it, Samantha was all about it. They made a good team.

love those expressions! Charlotte looks so amazed!

Charlotte (2 1/2) "pets" her fish.

Daddy-daughter Moment, Samantha (almost 5 years old) and James

13 January 2011

Cute Kid Quotes

I haven't done one of these in a while, but, it's not 'cause the kids haven't said some amazing things; I've just been behind. But now, brought to you by Charlotte (eight years old):

James has this saying he uses whenever the kid (or I) start giving possibilities. "He says, If, if, if....if a frog had wings, he wouldn't bump his bum every time he jumps."
Tonight Charlotte said, "No, Daddy. If a frog had wings, I'd grab his legs and he'd say, Get off, get off, I'm trying to fly here!"
That's what would happen if a frog had wings.

11 January 2011

Snow Carting!

What to do with a second snow day? Well:

Sydney, Josephine and Charlotte driving!

Rachel, Lindsey and Samantha driving!

This treat was courtesy of our friends, the Hazeslips! Thank you for a great afternoon of speed and twists and turns in the open snow! The only injury was to an innocent mailbox....

09 January 2011

Sixty to snow in two days!

A few days ago we had weather in the 60's - it was wonderful. For a day or two of that week we even had the windows open - unseasonably warm and clear! Christmas was great for being outside and playing with friends. This shot of Jay on the dome is just what we enjoyed for almost a straight week - blue skies ultra-mild temperatures and plenty of time outdoors.
white line
On a side note, Jay has discovered that he can climb to the third tier on the dome - one more, the one at the steepest angle, and he'll be at the top! Not bad for a two year old. He'll be three in just over a month...Wow...He's so adventuresome and growing so very fast!
white line
Today - January 9 - we have snow! First snow of the season, and I hope, the last. But, the ladies enjoyed it....and there is no school tomorrow.

08 January 2011

Charlotte is Eight!

Charlotte turned eight! It's just amazing how time flies. Charlie girl. Our Christmas baby. Eight? Yes, eight! She is in second grade, she loves to swim, she loves to cook and she loves to swim. Yes, I know I said she loves to swim twice. She really loves to swim. Charlotte is strong, healthy and full of life and personality.

At school, Charlotte will tell you she loves recess and gym. Meanwhile, she is making straight 3's - the equivalent of an A in second grade. Her teacher says she is a friend to everyone and just this week she earned the music award in her class.

Turning eight is a big milestone and carries with it some weight. She is old enough to choose for herself to baptized at church (more on that in another post). She is old enough to be more accountable at home and take on more chores. She is growing up and Charlotte carries it well.

For her birthday, we were out of school on Christmas break. We had babysitting kids for the day, and Charlotte only wanted to invite her friends to go swimming.

So we made it happen:

Da Gang at the pool and a picture of Charlotte and her buds - Sydney (left) and Atira. Swimming in the winter is such fun...

Birthday Cross Stitch from Grandmom - and a much anticipated bean bag chair!

Faith in God Girls at church. It's a twice on month class for the girls between 8 and 12. Charlotte has been just itching to go for a year - since Samantha and Rachel get to go, she was ready to go with the big ladies, but she had to wait until she turned eight! Rachel has since turned 12 and left for the Youth Group, but, Charlotte got to join Samantha (yellow sweatshirt) and her friends - with Sister Gibbs, their wonderful leader - for her FIG's! They grow up so fast...

Happy Birthday, Charlotte. We all love you.