29 January 2011

Cute Kid Quotes

Jay Michael gets his first entry in the Cute Kid Quote category! He will be three next month and he is really starting to chatter! They do grow up so fast...

So for Christmas Jay got a train engine. It has lights and sounds and the wheels turn. It takes six size D batteries and Jay has loved it so well that the batteries are dead. He still plays with it, pushing it around and making the sounds himself.

One day last week he took it to James and this is the conversation I overheard:

Jay - Tain na wuking, Daddy.
James - No, Jay, the batteries are dead.
Jay - Baddries are dead?
James -Yes, we need to get more batteries.
Jay leaves, and a few minutes later, Jay returns.
Jay - Look Daddy, scooter baddreis na dead!

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