22 January 2011

Fishing Trip - June 2004

In an attempt to make this blog a true Ball Family History, I have decided to start adding stories of our past to go along with our daily happenings. I just discovered these pictures (so sorry that the images aren't as clear as the originals) from June 11, 2004. Rachel was six, Samantha was almost five and Charlotte was two and a half. I was pregnant with Josephine. We were living in Reidsville, North Carolina and we had some friends with about twenty acres of land. Back in the woods, not too far off, was the cow pond and it was stocked. James decided the ladies needed to go fishing.

So we trekked back into the woods, and under the shade of the trees, the big ladies caught their first fishes, using cane poles. The ladies had various opinions of fishing. Rachel was happy with the process. She would hold the pole, string the line and was very interested in all the surroundings. Samantha, meanwhile, was not inclined to just sit and hold a pole over water. She was throwing rocks, climbiing trees and chasing the cows. But when her more patient sister caught the fish, but, didn't want to touch it, Samantha was all about it. They made a good team.

love those expressions! Charlotte looks so amazed!

Charlotte (2 1/2) "pets" her fish.

Daddy-daughter Moment, Samantha (almost 5 years old) and James

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Chelsie said...

Oh my goodness-- tiny tiny tiny!!!! I can't believe how LITTLE!!!!

Unknown said...

I love these pictures..North Carolina was fun. This is my favorite picture of Samantha and me fishing together.