26 January 2011

Charlotte's Baptism

Our family belongs to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints - also known as the Mormons. For an introduction to basic beliefs, you can click on the colored words. I wanted to share the links for non-members out there who are reading.
Turning eight has the significance of responsibility. Charlotte is now old enough to decide if she wants to become a member of the Church and be baptized. As a member, she becomes responsible for her actions. At eight, she is old enough to know right from wrong and make her own choices.
Charlotte chose to be baptized. Charlotte's friend, Atira, also turned eight a few weeks after Charlotte, and we held their baptisms together. There must have been twenty families there, even the Stake President came, all there to support these young ladies on their path back to their Father in Heaven. Family that couldn't attend called and wished Charlotte congratulations on her decision. It was a great day.

The Ball Team -January 2011 - Samantha, Tina, Jay (on lap), James, Josephine (on lap), Charlotte and Rachel on the floor.

Charlotte is wearing the baptism dress that my Mom (Juanita Brumbley) made for Rachel on her baptism day. Samantha wore the dress when she was baptised and Josephine is already looking forward to wearing it, too. I hope all our grandaughters will wear this dress, maybe it will even last to great-granddaughters?white

The Primary Presidency in our Ward has a sweet gift for the eight year olds that they receive when they have their baptism interviews - this towel. It's soft and white, clean and pure, and embroidered with the CTR logo. It's a great remembrance of the day!

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Katielin317 said...

I missed it!!! How sad. I'll have to give her a hug on Sunday.

Emilee said...

Great job Ms. Charlotte! Wish we could have been there! It will be Jessica in August and I can't believe how fast they are growing! :)