09 January 2011

Sixty to snow in two days!

A few days ago we had weather in the 60's - it was wonderful. For a day or two of that week we even had the windows open - unseasonably warm and clear! Christmas was great for being outside and playing with friends. This shot of Jay on the dome is just what we enjoyed for almost a straight week - blue skies ultra-mild temperatures and plenty of time outdoors.
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On a side note, Jay has discovered that he can climb to the third tier on the dome - one more, the one at the steepest angle, and he'll be at the top! Not bad for a two year old. He'll be three in just over a month...Wow...He's so adventuresome and growing so very fast!
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Today - January 9 - we have snow! First snow of the season, and I hope, the last. But, the ladies enjoyed it....and there is no school tomorrow.

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Chelsie said...

Sometimes I just love Arkansas so much;)