31 March 2010

Spring Break

We went nowhere. I had babysitting kids all week. James is home, five kids, me, two dogs, four babysitting kids (are you counting all this?) plus friends here for the day, just a few hours, spending the night, multiple nights... At one point I counted 15 people in the house at once. Our house is NOT that big, friends. That was spring break. Lots of friends, lots of fantastic weather and lots of sleeping late. Plus, as you might guess from the above photograph, one afternoon at the pool. Just the Ball Team and me. Goofing off in the water. We are SO VERY ready for summer!
Jay Michael tries on the flippers and two shots of Josephine - this girl knows what a camera is for!

1 screams from the fans...:

Chelsie said...

Tina, it is such a tribute to you and your family that your friends can't stay away from you. You are SO welcoming. You are SO caring. You share your home, your food, your time, and your love so willingly. It is hard to stay away from such sincerity! I love you and I hope your birthday was lovely.