30 March 2010

I'm Not Old

I just had a birthday. I love my birthday. It's on St. Patrick's Day, which is just enough of a holiday that people know about it, but, not so much of a holiday that it still can't be all about me. This year did not disappoint. I had a green lunch and a candy-gram, courtesy of my wonderful friends:

I had flowers, courtesy of my wonderful parents (see above). And I had presents and pumpkin pie, courtesy of my wonderful family. Wonderful.

3 screams from the fans...:

Casey said...

Happy Belated Birthday! So glad you had a "wonderful" time. Also, LOVE your background and your darling picture of the cute kids.

Emilee said...

Happy belated Birthday Teenut! Oh how reading your blog makes me miss you and your family so very much! Let me guess, is that candy gram from Sister Brown maybe? I never properly thanked you for the beautiful card you made me! It made me so very happy to get!!! Thank you so much! And, NO, for Heaven's Sake, you are NOT old!!

Melanie said...

fun birthday for you :o) Wish we lived closer!!!