07 April 2010

KidBits -- 7 April 2010

KidBits is my way of fitting on all those personal and wonderful pictures of my amazing kids, but, without doing a separate post for each. Lazy or economical? You decide....

Our weather lately has been FANTASTIC. Upper 70s by day, plenty of sunshine. Mid 50s by night. Delicious. Open the windows and breathe in the pollen. It's been so good, in fact, that Josephine decided we should go get lunchables and have a picnic on the twirly thing at the park. And so we did.

Charlotte is not playing soccer. She likes to go to practice, though, and walk the dogs all around. The dogs love it. Charlotte also had a great report grade recently - straight 3's. (In the first grade, A=3.) She also had straight O's. (O= outstanding, the best grade in the side categories, like conduct, penmanship, use of time, courtesy) Love it Charlotte. Keep up the good work!

Samantha is back at gym practice (after an extended break for whooping cough) and just attended the end of season party. She is pictured here holding the fondant gymnast that was atop their cake. Her comment was, "isn't this cool-looking, Mom? I can do this on the beam." So casual about her athletic gift. Also on that note, Samantha will be representing her school at track and field day in the 200 meter race. She beat every other girl in the fifth grade. Every. Other. Fifth. Grade. Girl. And in her casual tone, she would add, I bet I can beat the boys, too...

Rachel is also back at soccer and playing in the goal most of the time. After enjoying an undefeated season last year, her coach moved her team up to the next level of competition - a traveling team. The teams are tougher, and Rachel's Bulldogs are learning more and losing more... Rachel also started art lessons after school. (back in January) It's taught by her art teacher at school and she only invites students who show promise and dedication to art. Rachel is loving it.

SpiderMan and SuperMan.

2 screams from the fans...:

Melanie said...

Love it! Your girls and young man are getting so big - guess mine are too....love reading about progress - you inspire me :o)

Chelsie said...

Oh my goodness, that last picture is precious!

I wonder what it is like to have you for a mom. You are such an honest person that when you compliment, everyone knows you are sincere. I'll bet your girls are glowing from your praise!

Miss you Tina!!