26 March 2010

Rae is Twelve

Yes, twelve years ago, Rachel Mae Ball transformed James and Tina Ball into new people, called Dad and Mom. Twelve years ago. It has taken so long to get this blog post done because Rachel's birthday celebration has taken so long. Twelve is a big number and requires much celebrating.

Traditional finger shot and cheescake!
First, she is now finished with the children's organization, the Primary, at our church and can join the Young Women's organization. On Rachel's last day in Primary, the Young Women came in and "kidnapped" her out to join them. I was happy for her and a little sad...
The Young Women decorated her door and left treats and balloons!

Second, she is old enough for a few milestones she's been looking forward to: at twelve you can legally sit in the front seat of a car, and our family rule of "you can't get your ears pierced until you are twelve."
Third, over Spring Break, we took five of Rae's friends to the biggest mall in Little Rock (three stories!) to have a birthday party. We did a digital scavenger hunt through the mall. The kids were very well behaved - dashing off in teams to find a list of three items and seeing who could return first with pictures - and they even took the little ladies with them on a few rounds.

Rachel, before our very eyes, is transforming from a cute kid into a beautiful young woman. At twelve, Rachel loves to write, she plays soccer, she helps me more around the house than even she realizes. She loves to ride her bike, talk and text with her friends and she goes to the store for me. Rachel writes songs, stories and poems. She is musical and sings throughout the house. She leave her radio on all the time. Rachel loves to be with people, and she is great company. She's funny, without being a clown. She is thoughtful, responsible and trustworthy. I am proud to call her my daughter. Happy Birthday, Rae.

2 screams from the fans...:

Chelsie said...

That was really sweet Tina. I hope she reads it. I would have CRIED if my parents had written something like this for me! What? Your not surprized?

Melanie said...

You are such an amazing mom. Thank you for sharing your beautiful talent - we know where she gets her writing skills from!