03 March 2010

KidBits 3 March 2010

Here's our latest happenings, in blurb form, mainly for the grandfolks, but feel free to read along...

Rachel has been straightening her hair and her sisters' hair lately. She likes it straight. I like the curls. I like the straightened version, too, it's just that she seems older with it straight. Meanwhile, her middle school held an event called iBand. Each sixth grader had the chance to try each instrument offered in the junior high band. That way the band director can have a better feel for the rising seventh graders and where their abilities lie. Rachel made the percussion section. She's excited. She'll play the snare, the timpani, the bells, the cymbals and the keyboard in the course of a year in band. Way to go Rachel.

Samantha, pictured here with her hair straightened, too, and playing in the glitzy fabrics, has been busy in her social studies class. The class had a geography bee and Samantha was the winner in her class (about 25 students)! Then, her team (five classes of fifth graders) had a bee and she won that, too! THEN, she went on to represent the fifth grade in a geography bee for our county, and lost. Still.... Yeah, Samantha!

Charlotte and Josephine went out for ice cream - the big ladies each had a sleepover and the little ladies wanted something special, too. So, dollar cones at Sonic, in bathing suits, of course, hit the spot. Josephine is showing off her "jewelry" - gummy life savers.

And this Jay Michael. Just being happy and playing with Dad. Ah, to be two...

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