30 April 2018

Rachel - April 2018

Rachel is now firmly entrenched in Arkansas.  We have decided that she will have her own monthly blogblurb.  New word entering the lexicon right here.

In April she has established a new schedule at Tasty Freeze, resumed her role as shift leader and approached her boss about a raise.  She got the raise.  The roommate situation was not working out at the her house, so, some people moved out and some people came on board.  Rachel is currently occupying the living room, now used as her bedroom - pretty large and comfy.  Access is always through the back door anyway.  The roomies (including Grace's cat, Aggie) are sharing the house and chores, adding mowing to their lists now with the kinder weather.  School will begin anew in the summer and life rolls merrily along until graduation.  Paycheck to paycheck, but, scraping by on her own.  Miss Independent.

Rachel had a scare this month - she called 911 for the first time ever.  She used her cell phone of course, who has a landline anymore?  They were very responsive and knew her location immediately.  Amazing.  The night went like this:  it was two in the morning.  She was at home alone - her roommate Grace had taken some friends home.  As she was getting ready for bed, she heard a crash, then Aggie screeched.  Her wild imagination went into overdrive - obviously, there was an intruder in the next room and he had just violently crushed the cat's life in order to clear the path to Rachel.  She panicked and dialed 911.  There she was met with a very understanding lady who talked her through the steps of investigation which lead to a cat who knocked over a mug and vomited all over the floor.  Gross, but, a much better scenario.

Rachel is single again.  She's been on a date or two, with no magic or fireworks.  There are other fish in the sea, it's just a really, really, big sea.  We miss her and I talk to her everyday.  I'm so glad she talks to me too, and her Dad and her sisters.   She watches JMichael play baseball through videos we take.  It's not the same, but, she's never far from our hearts.  

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