29 April 2018

Billy Squier & GE Smith

I have been a Billy Squier fan since I first heard him sing to me in high school.  Solid.  He doesn't tour extensively; he hasn't produced new music in a few years.  I never stopped loving his albums.  My kids know more Billy Squier songs than the average kids their age - it's required.

James and I have a list - which is getting shorter and shorter - of bands we want to see live.  Billy has been at the top of my list for years.  So, it happened - in a small venue just outside of Philadelphia, The Ardmore Music Hall.

Here he is - small, but, real - and he sang to me.  He arranged his songs differently, but, I knew the words anyway.  He was personable, funny and genuine.  Short of paying longer, he was great.  He had a guitarist with him - GE Smith - who played the blues and James loved every bit of it, too.  It was wonderful.

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