09 April 2018

Easter, 2018

For Easter this year, we decided it would be a truly long weekend, since the kids had no school on Friday or Monday.  Mom was cooking Easter dinner on Sunday, so on Saturday, I took the middle ladies up to hang out with their grandmother for the night.  They made some stickers for mugs with mom's newest toy - her Cricut - and watched Jumanji - the new one.  James, JMichael and I joined them on Sunday and stayed for supper - delicious, and the weather was delicious, too - we ate outside.  We had resurrection rolls and the kids hunted for eggs and candy like they were all seven again.  It was great.

This photo of Samantha and Mom in the WalMart parking lot was taken not just to show that Samantha can be pushed around by her grandmother - hahaha - but, also because as we walked out of the WalMart on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, Samantha starting singing, kinda loudly, "I've got sunshine, on a rainy day...."  Well, Charlotte and I started to join in, as a man was walking toward us from his car into the WalMart.  Right on beat, he started with the backbeat - dum, de dum dum, dum, de dum dum.  It was great.  Strangers in the WalMart parking lot, singing and enjoying the beautiful day.  

Three ladies.  Left to right, Josephine, 13; Samantha, 18; and Charlotte, 15.
That's an airhead in Samantha's mouth, and don't worry, Charlotte's nose ring is not a piercing, although she lobbies constantly to have it done.....
Gotta love them.

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