26 August 2017

Team Ambush - Kent County Youth Soccer

JMichael is number 9 - about in the middle of the bench.  This is his team during a halftime talk.  His coach is young - a senior at the high school, and his team is coming together.  Ambush emphasizes passing and position, just like JMichael learned in Arkansas.  His coach is impressed with JMichael's finesse, and his footwork.  He's the only kid on his team that can do a rainbow.  Now if only he would do one in a game, that would be something!  He's scored every game and he plays a lot.  He goes to school with these kids, and the kids from the other three U10 teams he plays.  It's a great little soccer organization.  The fields are wonderful - well drained and easy parking.  The area is for the whole gambit of sports enthusiasts - there are basketball courts and softball fields, next to tennis courts and lacrosse games.  Football practice is next to baseball practice, all surrounded by a walking track and in the middle of it all is a playground and a concession stand.  Truly a community park with all ages and skills everywhere.

I found this little gem - JMichael at about two.  

And this is now, at nine years old - he's on the left side - eye on the ball - in the light blue jersey and bright yellow cleats.  Just doin' his thing!

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