10 August 2017

Philadelphia Temple

 This is a quick shot I took of the Philadelphia Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints.  James was recently called to be a worker there, so we went up to meet with them and get his set up to begin.  The Phili Temple is about 90 minutes north of us, and in the city.  IN.  THE.  CITY.  I mean, right in the thick of hustle and bustle and traffic and cops and the chaos of city life.  I grabbed this quick shot - it was getting dark - but you can see Moroni atop his spire.  Plus, the city is all around - the traffic light is green, telling us, yep, gotta go to the temple.
Here we are with a Moroni selfie - see him way up there?  The Philadelphia Temple is amazing in that as soon as you are in the temple parking lot you are surrounded by peace and flowers and tranquility.  A huge departure from the traffic you just left behind.  Inside the details are an homage to the history of the city and the founding fathers who lived and dreamed in Philadelphia.

And I thought I'd include this photo since there are so many more kid photos than folks on here.  Charlotte took this one at a local barbeque spot - we're adorable.

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