31 August 2017

Splash - August 2017

This splash was taken at my brother, Eric's, house.  One thing I love about this photo is just how deceiving it is.  According to your eye right now, Rachel (in pink) is the tallest.  She is followed by her siblings in true birth order - Samantha (shades) is next, then Charlotte (on the right).  Josephine (far left) is just under Charlotte and JMichael (googles) is the shortest and the youngest.

The truth of the matter is, that Charlotte is the tallest.  Next is Samantha, then Rachel and Josephine about tied and JMichael, right on their heels.  Check back with us in a month or two.  I bet, as adults, it will end up like this:  (from tallest to shortest) JMichael, Charlotte, Josephine, Samantha, Rachel.

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