01 October 2016

The Fair

This year for CabotFest the Junior High South Choir sang a few numbers.  Here's Charlotte in the center, in what is her first official public performance.  I note that here since one day hence the folks making her documentary might need this picture to show where she began - a street performance in rural Arkansas.  They sounded great.  They performed the Star Spangled Banner and The Climb, by Miley Cyrus.  
This is the bottom of JMichael and Josephine's feet.  For her birthday Josephine got $25.00 from her Poppop Jim.  Since the fair was in town, she wanted to go ride rides.  I said no, because I didn't want to spend the money, it's just too expensive.  She says, I'll pay for it.  Charlotte was at a friend's house, and the big ladies were working, as usual.  I said if you are paying, you have to take JMichael, too.  And so we went.  As it turns out, $20 buys just enough tickets for two kids to ride three rides.  Robbery.  But, hey, maybe she'll learn a little about spending, or not spending, money.
They both loved this ride, they rode it twice and since it wasn't very busy, they had super long rides.
So much for my plan.  She loved spending her money at the fair.  I bet you next year her birthday money will go they same place since they happen - usually - at the same time - the first weekend in November.

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