31 October 2016

Halloween 2016

Of all the holidays, Halloween is probably my least favorite.  Ok, it was fun when the ladies were little and we dressed them up for a night and did the trunk or treat thing at church.  Then they got older and discovered that they could be scary creatures and go house to house for candy.  That wasn't fun for me any more.  And, it's all about me, remember.  So now they are even older and too big for trick or treating, really, except JMichael, and he isn't interested in walking through the dark to get candy he can't eat 50% of anyway (his nut allergy is still severe).  So this year we did things a little differently.  We did the church trunk of treat - pictured here, we rocked it - and we split up for Halloween proper.

Appy Halloween, y'all!

Rachel - as an 80's chick - and Samantha - as a Razorback cheerleader - were working at Tasty Freeze Halloween night, so they dressed up for work.
Josephine - as Where's Waldo - and Charlotte - as a hippie - went out with friends and canvased the neighborhoods of strangers.  That's just good parenting.
JMichael was my date.  After dropping the ladies at their various destinations, we hit Tasty Freeze for Halloween ice cream - dyed orange and purple.  James stayed home to watch the Vikings play Monday Night Football.  Let's not forget our priorities, now.

But the big news of the evening was from the little ladies.  While Josephine was getting dressed, Charlotte said, Hey Joey, why does Waldo wear stripes?  The answer - Because he doesn't want to get spotted!  Hahahahaha.  Another Halloween in the books.  And it was great.  Boo!

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