20 October 2016

Parent Teacher Conference - JMichael

JMichael is in third grade.  He is amazing at soccer and any sport, really.  He loves math and he understands the way things come together and are taken apart.  He's just a fantastic kid.  One thing he's not so great at, however, is reading or writing.  It's a serious struggle and he get help from a specialist at school.  He's dyslexic and letters are garbled for him.  So while he understands math, he will struggle with the actual numbers.  And while he understands ideas and processes, he will struggle with letters and spelling.  At least that's how his teacher explains it to me.  Parent teacher conferences are a great way for us to touch base - we see his teacher and his specialist - and we can get our own homework to help him "see" straight.  This was his "glow" on the wall outside his classroom this time - his poem about his grandparents.  I'll reprint it here cause it may be tough to read:
Granparents are fun
Really fun
And fun
Never give up
People are great
And probably sleeping
Never give up
Text me

He cracks me up.

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