04 October 2016

Red Dragons, Soccer Fall 2016

 Soccer season was tougher this year than last year.  JMichael is now playing on the bigger field, and it's seven on seven.  His coach is stressing the shapes of soccer, staying in position, passing/dribbling skills and footwork.  I've seen him make some amazing passes and call out plays to his teammates mid stride.  They didn't win every game.  They did learn and run and sweat up a storm.  JMichael was always winded - it's a BIG field all of a sudden - and he worked hard and enjoyed himself.  He even spent some time as goalie - something he thought he wouldn't like - and he did great.  He dove on the ball, kicked it to midfield and fearlessly fell on a ball while feet were flying!  I already can't wait for next season.  It's so fun to watch him play.

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