06 June 2016


My vision is not that great.  It's getting worse with age and I will need bifocals, no doubt about it.  But there is one thing about my vision that is clear - I can see shapes in places all around me.  I was that kid that was always looking into the clouds and seeing an elephant.  I see faces and animals and who knows what in all the patterns around me.  In the bathroom at the office where I work there is a little face in the texture on the walls.  I swear.  Now look at this picture that Josephine caught of the tree line on the road to our house.  What is that in the trees?  Do you see him?  Yes.  You do see him.  It's the Road Runner from the cartoons.  Clear.  As.  Day.  I showed this one to my kids and now they believe me.  Mom has vision.

And for any of you wondering, that's the side or a round hay bale in the foreground.  Arkansas has a beautiful countryside.

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