17 June 2016

BeachBrums 2016

This year we all took a trip and we did it a little differently.  Last year, Mom came out to visit and she took the big ladies on a trip west, then hung out at the house for a few days to recuperate.  Then she took the little ladies on a trip east.  It was great.

This year, we put Rachel and Josephine on a plane and sent them out to Mom, who kept them plenty busy for two weeks - the beach, the Smithsonian, manicures and movies.  Then we drove out to Maryland to spend a week with them - and Eric and his family and David and his family.  When that week was over we left Samantha and Charlotte behind to spend their two weeks with Mom, and we drove home with Rachel and Josephine.  Everyone got to ride on an airplane for the first time - and all four loved it - and everyone got to spend time away from the parents and out with the grandmom.  It was fantastic.  Here come the photos.....
David took the opportunity to give his newest little one - Arya Reanne Brumbley - her name and a blessing.  She is the sweetest.  The ladies couldn't get enough of her.
Josephine holding Arya.  Cuties!

Since Rachel and Josephine had been to DC the week before with Mom, they stayed home to watch the littles and the rest of us hit our nations capital for some sight seeing - and the first metro ride for my kids.  Samantha was certain we were going to fall off - she thought she would always be on the ground, but, the DC metro goes up on rails over roads, and down under the city in tunnels.  Pretty exciting stuff for kids who grew up in rural Arkansas!
We saw the sights and strolled around the Smithsonian.

We went through the Holocaust Memorial Museum.  So solemn.  I highly recommend it, but, not for children.  It's built in such a way that children have certain exhibits and some disturbing displays are not visually accessible to smaller people.  But all in all, it was worth the visit.

We visited Abraham.  Super crowded.

I love this shot of these three.  Samantha and Charlotte kept tabs on their little brother, usually one of them was holding his hand.  They were very well behaved, respectful and generally in awe of the whole big city experience.  They had never walked on a big city street, taken a public bus or metro, never seen the memorials in person and never been in such crowds.  Charlotte kept remarking on all the languages she was hearing.  We don't have that kind of diversity in rural Arkansas.

Another day we did a photo shoot.  Abbey put this all together and I'm so looking forward to getting the real prints, but, the kids captured some cool candids, too.  This one is Samantha, Charlotte and Josephine with their toes in the water, Rachel taking a picture and me taking a picture of her taking a picture....

My BallTeam.  Front front to back, JMichael (8), Josephine (11), Rachel (18), Samantha (16) and Charlotte (13).  The other beauty is the Nanticoke River, at a landing just outside of Mardela, Maryland.
A snapshot of my brothers and Mom and me.  I bet Dad is standing there too, smiling.  (For new readers, or those who just don't know, Dad died in October, 2014)  He would have loved this trip and all we did together.

And off to the beach!  James and Eric showing off the obligatory delicousness - Thrasher's fries with vinegar.  (Oh my mouth is watering as I type this!)

Josephine the mermaid!

Trimper's Amusements - rides on the boardwalk.  Always a good time.

The riders.  They loved the rides - I didn't get a picture of one of them that they must have ridden ten times - it was a huge set of seats and swung around and side to side high into the air.  Some of them loved it, some of them tolerated it - but they all rode it - so brave.  Josephine was reluctant to ride the coaster that goes upside down, but, her sisters talked her into it and she wound up riding it five times.  Abbey and I just watched and danced while the kids meandered from ride to ride.  Mom, Eric, David Dawn and James walked the boardwalk and shops with Arya sleeping in her stroller.  It was a great afternoon.

Eric and Abbey with their movie set - Aladin.  It's their thing.  It fits them and they've embraced it.  So if you ever need a gift idea for these two - Aladin and Jasmine, all the way.

Arya sporting our shirt - they say Beach Brums, 2016.  On the back we printed everyone's names in a big work block.  Brum, of course, is short for Brumbley and the Beach Ball is for the Ball Team part of this crowd - hence, the Beach Brums.
An aerial shot of Ocean City, Maryland.  

The kids at Longwood Gardens, PA. This is a Brumbley kind of place - Dad loved Longwood.  If the dead can walk among us, I know Dad was with us this day.  He probably just strolls the grounds now, enjoying the beauty and magnificence of nature.  The kids had never been and they were entranced, too.  The gardens are amazing and the grounds are huge.  This shot is indoors - in the Conservatory.  The BallTeam and cousin Gavin.

We took tons of pictures but you should go and see it for yourself.  Charlotte got this shot of the waterlillies in the water gardens.

The Bonsai house - Dad's inspiration and hobby.  I don't have the patience for this kind of beauty, but, Dad sure loved it.

Some orchids from the Orchid House.  Josephine was especially amazed by the variety and she thinks they look like little faces.

There was so much more there - the treehouses, the Italian Water Gardens, the color blocks (huge beds of different colors or flowers - amazing), the topiary gardens, the fountains and wooded walks....I highly recommend a day in Longwood.  Visit their site by clicking here.

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