30 June 2016

Splash - June 2016

This photo of my BallTeam was taken at the airport at 5:00 a.m.  This was a day of firsts.  Rachel and Josephine are about to board a plane for their first airline flight.  James and I are about to send two of our children literally half way across the country with no adult to supervise - Rachel is 18, true, but she's still our little lady... - and all the while hoping and praying that they can navigate the Atlanta airport alone and make their connecting flight.  Long story short, they were fantastic.  This is our first splash photo taken before dawn and it is to date the only splash photo of Samantha with no make up.  I pointed that out to her, after I told her I was going to use this photo for the splash, and she said, I know.  I thought about it, and I'm fine with it.  They all grow up so fast.

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