10 March 2016

Super Size Snickers

Maybe you are a fan of the American classic - the Snickers Bar.  Josephine is a huge fan.  She found this super sized five pound snickers bar a local store around Christmas and begged for it.  She said if Santa really thinks I've been good this year, he will put this in my stocking.  Every time she saw this crazy sized confection she would ask for it - and every time I would remind her that Santa has to have parents approve lists and she would NOT be getting a five pound candy bar for Christmas, even if she had been good as gold all year.  Not only was the candy too big, but, so was the price - $10.00!
Finally, after all the good kids got oversized candy for Christmas, and all the Valentine's day shoppers had picked through the racks, Josephine, to her utter delight, found one more big ole candy bar for her - in the sale bin - down now to $5.00 - which she had from a recent babysitting gig.  Doesn't she look happy?  That's what sugar and adrenaline will do to an eleven year old.  She finished it in about two days, with some help from the family.  The silver lining here is that she is not so big on supersized candy bars, or any size of snickers bars anymore.

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