31 March 2016

Splash - March 2016

March's splash is all about the Irish.  I found the little Irish Derby hats at the dollar store and I didn't even plan on JMichael's orange pop in the middle.  Truth is, there's very little Irish blood in our veins.  James' family is English and Scotch.  My family tree is planted in Wales, with some roots in Scotland and England.  Still, it makes a great theme, and since my birthday is St. Patrick's day, it works even better.  For the record, let me just interject that Charlotte and Samantha volunteered to face the fence.  I have been wanting to use this grouping for a while, and this picture was taken at about 10 am, so Samantha and Charlotte had literally been awake for only about thirty minutes at this point.  They are good sports, all around.

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