03 March 2016

Nite nite Samantha

This is a picture of Samantha at Walmart, seeming to pray with a bottle in her hand.  This particular drink, according to the label, will help you sleep.  Samantha doesn't need help with sleep - she's been a pro since she was little.  She LOVES to sleep.  Lately, though, she's had some bizarre dreams.  Recently she dreamed that she had to run from zombies and climbed a tree to escape them, only to be "bitten" by her boyfriend, Jonathan, who, in a creepy/sweet way, infected her, alleviating her of her fear of the zombie apocalypse.  She also dreamt lately that Rachel had married a man she didn't know and that everyone seemed fine with it while Samantha was not accepting it all and threw a fit, which got no reaction from Rachel or the rest of us.  "What's wrong with you people?"  So maybe you can understand this picture a little better now - sleep is great, but, these weird dreams, they gots-to-GO.

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