18 March 2016

Parisian Paisley

What does the Vera Bradley Parisian Paisley Campus Backpack have to do with this picture of Josephine mowing the grass?  Well, Josephine has been wanting a new back pack for a while.  Vera Bradley makes some nice backpacks, but, man, they are pricey.  $109.00 for a kid's backpack?  Really?  So, with a little ebay hunting, I found one for a price I could swallow and Josephine will mow the yard all season - starting now.  Not a bad deal, huh?

And this zentangle of Josephine's hands?  Yeah.  It has nothing to do with this at all, but, it was on display as her art exhibit during parent teacher conferences and I think it's cool.  Josephine is a busy eleven year old.

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